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Shaina & Keshav
I never thought I would get my life partner right where I was not looking for her. Now I understand the meaning of the phrase - Love will find you. I met Shaina on BishnoiVivah.. I liked her profile too. So, I accepted it. And this is how BishnoiVivah made us meet. Now we call it a beautiful accident.
aparajita & akshay
Man, the effort people at BishnoiVivah put in helping two compatible people meet each other is something that cannot be defined in words! Our connection was so strong that we got engaged within two months after talking for the first time. In the end, I met Akshay here only. For this, I will be indebted to BishnoiVivah forever!
Paromita & Jayjit
Honestly speaking, I always considered traditional matrimonial apps pretty cringy. But I had to change my opinion after finding BishnoiVivah as it was different from others. And luckily, Paromita thought the same. Today we’re together because of this app only, and for this, we’ll always be grateful.
One of the most amazing things that BishnoiVivah taught us is that love can overpower the strongest things in the world if only you believe in it. Being a developer, I always doubted my compatibility with a designer. But I guess BishnoiVivah understands the concept of compatibility better than me. Once we connected on the app, there was no looking back.
sayani & rohan
Between Rohan and me, so many things were common. Thanks to my friend who suggested to me BishnoiVivah as I’m not someone who wanted my parents' involvement in the decision of my marriage. I found Rohan within four days of installing the app.  The fact that I’ll be living my life with Rohan gives me so much pleasure.
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Best Matrimony Website and App in India

Want to know more about the features, benefits, and different marriage-related services of BishnoiVivah? Well, read on and you will be able to know everything about the best matrimony app in India. 

Features of BishnoiVivah Matrimony Website and App

If you are searching for your life partner, both the BishnoiVivah matrimony website and application (available both on Android and iOS) can be of great help to you. Several features provide people the much-needed flexibility to find their marriage partner. One of the most crucial things that we provide to our users is a safe space where they can put their preferences in the front and meet their compatible Shaadi partner soon! Besides, you can find your betterhalf as per your religion, marital status, mother tongue, caste, state, and even city. Let’s have a look at some of the prominent features of the best matrimony website in India mentioned below.

Choose Your BishnoiVivah as per Marital Status

At the BishnoiVivah matrimony website and app, we believe that your marital status shouldn’t be a hindrance in your marriage decision. People should find love and their life partner irrespective of their marital status. And this is one of the main features which makes it the best matrimony website in India. Whether you are widowed or divorced, you can find your soulmate at BishnoiVivah. We have 4 different matrimony pages where you can meet your special one - Widowed, Divorced, Awaiting Divorce, and Unmarried Matrimony. 

Access to Compatible Shaadi Profiles Verified through Govt. ID and Real-time Selfie

One of the major concerns of the people about the matchmaking and matrimony app & website in India is that they spend so much of their precious time dealing with fake and scam profiles. That’s where BishnoiVivah can help you. Our matrimony platform only allows selfie-verified and Govt. ID (PAN, Aadhar, Driving License, etc.) verified profiles so that you only meet people who are genuine and are seriously interested in finding their life partner. This feature helps us filter out non-serious profiles from our platform. So, you meet only with the best.

Upgrade to BishnoiVivah Premium to Enjoy Exclusive Features and Benefits

If you want to give yourself the best chance to meet your life partner, you should not wait anymore to upgrade. Become a premium user of BishnoiVivah now to enjoy some exclusive features and benefits. Want to know what exactly you are missing out on as a free user? In the below table, we have compared the features and benefits of a free user vs a premium user. Check it out!

Free User
Premium User
View All Received Requests
Instant Access to 50 Exclusive Matches
Instant Boost for 24 hours 
Crown Badge
Upto 2X Matches Every Day
Personal Note
Unlimited Connect Requests to Send 
Guarantee of Connections
4 connections for 6-month plan
Chances to Find Your BishnoiVivah
Very High
Customer Support
AI-recommended Matches
Access to Marriage-related Services

Benefits of BishnoiVivah App That You Can Enjoy 

The journey of partner search can be long, tiring and full of stress. But not if you register yourself on the BishnoiVivah - Best matrimony app in India. At BishnoiVivah, we understand how important it is to find a compatible life partner and we incorporate this into your matchmaking journey. Once you are onboard on either our marriage website or app, you will get several benefits. Want to know them? Well, we have mentioned all of them below. Have a look!

Hassle-free sign-up process

One of the most troubling things for users on matrimony or marriage websites is the complex onboarding process. In current times, nobody wants to spend hours filling out their details just to search for their compatible life partners. At BishnoiVivah, you will enjoy a hassle-free sign-up process where you just need to enter your mobile number and a few other details. And you are good to go for your partner-search journey. 

View all the received matrimony requests

At BishnoiVivah, you can see your received matrimony requests instantly without any problem. Among those requests, you can see if someone is compatible enough for you. To know the same, you will need to have unrestricted conversations with them and on the BishnoiVivah app, you can do the same. 

Get Crown badge

BishnoiVivah also gives you an option to get a crown badge which will make you stand out among other matchmaking profiles on the platform. With this feature, you will be able to have more chances of having a meaningful conversation with your potential partner. Every other user will see the crown badge next to your profile and it will also generate trust in them for you. And trust is everything in a matchmaking journey. 

Option to send a Personal note

On the matrimony platform, people, especially women users, get too many connection requests all the time. But how do you stand out in the crowd? Well, you can send a heartfelt, lovely personal note along with your connection request where you can tell why you want to connect in a few words. This will surely increase your chances to meet your compatible life partner. To enjoy this feature, you will need to become a premium user of Bettehalf. There are different premium plans available that you can choose according to your need and affordability. 

Chat on the BishnoiVivah App

How to know your match better once you are connected with them on BishnoiVivah? Well, for that you can use the in-app chat feature with which you can talk about anything or everything under the sun. And this feature is totally free. You don’t have to become a premium user to use the chat feature on our application. Plus, you will be totally safe while using the free in-app chat feature instead of chatting somewhere else. 

Unlimited Connection Requests

If you become a premium member of BishnoiVivah, the best matrimony app in India among people,  you will get to send unlimited connection requests. This benefit will let you send as many connections as you want to the people you like on the matrimony platform. So, there is no stopping your partner-search process. 

Wedding Services Offered by BishnoiVivah

At the BishnoiVivah matrimony website and app, you not only get to enjoy matchmaking services. We also provide different services related to marriage. It ranges from wedding photography to planning your Shaadi to human matchmaker services. You can learn about all of them below. 

Wedding Planning

With this marriage service from BishnoiVivah, you can plan your dream wedding without facing any trouble in negotiating with different vendors and prices. We provide you with several options as per your budget so that you can choose the best wedding planner according to your budget. 

Wedding Photography

With this service, you can relive your marriage memories in the best way possible. We help you choose the best wedding photographer in your city so that you can get the best photos on your most special day. We do all types of wedding photography - Candid, Cinematic, Traditional, Pre-wedding shoot, Photo Album, etc. 

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